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GREETINGS TO ALL & BEST WISHES FOR A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!! Hot off the presses...the latest schedule for the "Un-Diva" is below:
Concert tour with Chanticleer:

March 5 - Atlanta
March 7 - Washington, DC
March 9 - Boston
March 11 - Metropolitan Museum, New York
March 14 - Columbus, OH

Recital tour:
March 28 - Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA
March 30 - Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
April 1 - Newark, NJ
April 6 - Birmingham, AL
April 10 - San Luis Obispo, CA
April 21 - Benefit concert, Berkeley, CA
April 26, 27 - Naples (FL) Philharmonic

June 21 - Mozart arias - San Francisco Symphony

concerts with Sonos Handbell Ensemble:
June 29 - Alameda, CA
July 1 - San Francisco

Note: ALL PERFORMANCE DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. These links have not been verified by the webmaster and are being passed on to you as given to me. My apologies if they are not correct. Contact the individual locations for confirmation. You may contact the NL editor via email here or via snailmail at PO Box 1222 Edgewood MD 21040-0522 and we will try to give you more details on specific performances if they have become available.
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