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I've received many treats in the mail since our last newsletter and will be sharing them with you in print and photo in this and upcoming newsletters. Hope you all enjoyed hearing vour favorite mezzo on Public Radio on the March 2lst PBS stations. I tried to E-Mail many of you but many e-mail addresses had changed with no notice sent me of the new address!! Please let me know if you move (either in cyberspace or in earthly space). We now have new memhers in Argentina, Russia, Israel, Canada, UK and Japan. Enthusiasm is the password when it comes to Flicka Fans! How thrilling it is to receive programs and newspaper articles from all over the world and all I have to do is sit here with my "jammies" on in front of a computer monitor!

Please let us know whether you've changed E-Mail OR "Snail Mail" addresses. It is a costly venture to mail out a "free" flewsletter and we seem to get many returned due to no forwarding addresses! Send notice to: or fff Editor c/o M S. Hanson, P.O. Box 1222, Edgewood, MD 21040-0522

Special thanks to all who send stamps to help with the hardcopy mailing!